We assist with immigration and visa matters for investors, business developers, and entrepreneurs and we also help with indvidual human rights issues. Our services also include: providing an interpreter for immigration appointments, preparing and translating your documents (Japanese/English). If needed, we connect you with an attorney that specializes in the area related to your case, and assist in communicating with the attorney on your behalf.

  • Immigration/Visa application assistance for investors and enterprises.
  • HIVIKI LLC consults with you how to match USCIS requirements. We make sure you develop sound Financial and Tax strategies for your business in compliance with US immigration laws.
  • Immigration/Visa application assistance for human rights and asylum cases (including LGBT and marriage abuse), and status issues.
  • We focus on understanding your basic problem, and presenting it to professional athorities in the relavant field.
  • Detailed preparation of your necessary documentation and financial statements of your case.
  • Provide translation and interpretation (Japanese/English) of your case to professionals.
  • Connect you with an immigration/enterprise/human rights attorney, and communicate with the attorney on your behalf.
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